Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Vote for the Best of British...

(Cue fanfare) Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for..The Best of British Mummy Bloggers Carnival. Ta-Daa!

Read the entries below, then vote for your favourite by leaving a comment below. 

Just list the name or the number of the blogger you want to vote for.

If you have any problems logging your vote, please email it to me at

Please vote by Thursday 18th December 2008. I’ll announce the winner the next day, so do check back to find out the results.

I think you’ll agree that there are some excellent bloggers in the competition who deserve all the readers they can get. 

So, if you have a blog yourself, please post a link to this carnival to promote the competition and encourage your readers to join in the vote. If you are blogless, please feel free to email the link to your friends…

  1. Part Mummy Part Me finds a new way to fight the flu Shopping is Better Than Lemsip 
  2. Mummy Mania looks at the challenges of combining her writing career and children Is Writing Compatible with Motherhood?
  3. Home Office Mum gets a shock when she tries out a lip plumper In Which I Practice Pouting 
  4. Guinea Pig Mum catalogues the different stages of parenting in When They’re Babies
  5. The Baby Juggler takes a humorous look at potty training Going Completely Potty
  6. Thatgirl39 has a close encounter with a clown Send in the Clowns
  7. Potty Mummy writes about mice, de-icer and Santa’s helper It’s All a Matter of Timing
  8. Reluctant Memsahib finds a fresh perspective during an African walk Reasons to be Cheerful 
  9. A Modern Mother gives a moving account of visiting her newborn daughter in the Intensive Care Unit The Baby Blanket - Flashbacks from the NICU
  10. Lucy Cavendish (aka Samantha Smythe) searches for a nanny so she can start writing her next novel There Must be a Solution Somewhere
  11. Half Baked Brownie Guider has a surprise when she buys charms for her daughter’s charm bracelet Not That Charmed
  12. Modified Mummy has a run-in with the owner of her local tanning studio I Pissed off the Piercer!
  13. Family Affairs experiences role reversal in McDonalds Parental Controls
  14. Little Mummy gives tips on having a credit-crunch busting evening Swap Party
  15. Hello Mum gets a strange romantic prediction Dark Handsome Divers 
  16. Audrey at Thames Valley Mums hopes that this Christmas will be different in Dear Santer

    Please post a comment here to log your vote. Votes must be in by 
    Thursday 18th December 2008.
The next carnival is on 23rd December at Thames Valley Mums. We're also looking for carnival hosts for next year, please check out the schedule if you're interested. 


Unknown said...

5 Going Completely P{otty is the best without a doubt

Anna Colette said...

Oops-in my flu-ridden state I accidentally rejected instead of accepted the comments made so far. Luckily, I was counting as I ticked.

So, if you left a comment yesterday or this morning please don't do so again as I've counted your vote even though your comment won't appear. Sorry!

So far, including email votes I have received, the votes are:

No 5. The Baby Juggler's 'Going Completely Potty' - 8 votes

No 8. Reluctant Memsahib's 'Reason's to be Cheerful' - 1 vote

No 11. Half Baked Brownie Guider's 'Not that Charmed' - 1 vote

Keep the votes coming...and I promise to be more attentive and make sure they get published!

Anonymous said...

Torture! I can't remember the post, par for the course, I can barely remember what happened five minutes ago (mummy rot), ah, yes, now I know. Relectant Memsahid, because her words are always spot on and I wish I could take photos like that!

Anonymous said...

Love the concept of juggling babies from number five something circus like about it but in a good way.Jane

Elizabeth said...

The Baby Juggler please! Great stuff

Pig in the Kitchen said...

reluctant memsahib gets my vote!

Anonymous said...

5 is my #1

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Reluctant Memsahib too.

Anonymous said...

My vote most definately goes to No 5 The Baby Juggler because her blog is fab. Don't know how she juggles so well though...'tis a mystery to me!

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

No 5. The Baby Juggler's 'Going Completely Potty'.

Anonymous said...

I have to go with Number 5 to, as someone who has just finished toilet training one kid and moving on to another i so sympathise

Anonymous said...

No 5 is the winner

Anonymous said...

These are all great. Laughing out loud here
Only one vote though - and its going to Dear Santer.

Best of luck to all.

Anonymous said...

Being a diver myself looking for some yummy mummy love it has to be number 15