Monday, 8 December 2008

Shopping is Better Than Lemsip

I felt so fluey and pathetic this morning that I phoned El’s dad to see if he could take her to school so that I could go back to bed after breakfast. He couldn’t, so I had to face the outside world. 

The icy air cut through my already aching bones and amplified my headache. God I felt shit. The Lemsip was barely taking the edge off.

Once I had dropped El off at school the sensible thing was to go home and crawl under my duvet. But I wasn’t tired enough to sleep, I didn’t have the concentration to read and daytime TV bores me. Besides, I needed cheering up.

No wonder I felt so depressed, look at me. My baggiest jeans teamed with my flattest shoes – a definite Trinny & Susannah no-no for a short, overly rounded Pear. Topped off with the most boring jumper I own.

Then I had a Breakthrough Moment...

Actually, my other jumper is boring too. God, I only own two jumpers. What the hell, girl?! It’s mighty cold out there – go find some knitwear!

I really shouldn’t…my work has almost completely dried up this month (and as a newbie, optimistic freelancer I neglected to save when the work was rolling in a few months ago. Oops)…it’s nearly Christmas…the springs are starting to poke through the sofa…my car is on its last legs…I need to buy J’s wedding ring next month ….my tax bill is due then too…AND I REALLY REALLY WANT TO LOOK GOOD RIGHT NOW!!

When the credit crunch bites, the sick go shopping.

One denim skirt, a pair of snakeskin leggings (yes, I know am a Pear. I plan to wear under skirts and dresses. OK?), a soft indigo and violet cowl jumper, and two cardigans later…I look, and feel, so much better.

I’m smiling now. I still ache, but I feel snuggly and cosseted in my soft-as-butter cowl.

Stuff Lemsip. I’m fighting the flu with fashion.


Bear said...

You should feel lucky that shopping cheers you up. I loath it and have been avoiding it all year. Sadly its Christmas and I am expected to buy nice things for my family and friends.
If you love it so much would you do my Shopping for me please?
I would pay you and you have the the feel good factor of spending lots of money without damaging your bank balance.
Go on you know it would make you feel better ;)

Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...

Hope you are feeling better soon...

How's carnival? For better days?

Home Office Mum said...

I am desperately unwell too. I've resorted to Lemsip. I now see the error or my ways and should have gone shopping. I've only got one jumper so DEFINTELY need more. Note to self: self medicate and shop.