Monday, 1 March 2010


Photo credit: cattycamehome
Ella is always writing cute notes - to me, to John, to herself. Usually about how much she loves us, often a request for food or TV.

The other morning, on seeing the note to John from Ella asking him to make her porridge despite his having to rush to work in the mornings (he made it for her before I got out of bed at 7 - even though she doesn't usually eat brekkie that early) I thought I'd write a note for her:

Ella is pretty and kind
and fun and lovely xxx

So she wrote one back to me:

mum is butifal
and fun kind pashant (patient)
and dus never get to
angry that much I love my mummy
I love you xxxxxxx

Then she suggested we write one together for John:

John is handsome (me)
and fun and very kind (both)
and kind wen he's abot to go he helps me (El)
and he gives great hugs (me)

Then Els wrote one about all of us. By this time she had written at the top of the paper: Powims.

We are all happy and playful
we are all loveing and gentle
and kind we are
all peasefall and


I cut them out and they're all on my fridge, making me smile ten times or more a day.