Thursday, 30 July 2009

Just a quickie.. say that I'm fabulously busy with socialising (I haven't got a free weekend for a month) and knitting (!!) at the moment. I'm attempting a chunky, stripey scarf for isn't the most beautiful thing but it's being made with love.

Camp Bestival was lovely. More kids than adults, very relaxed and such fun that we didn't even make it to the knitting tent. I'd recommend it to anyone with kids, even festival virgins.

Do check out my lovely sister's new blog In her own words, she is:

Urban Pixi - a single mum with an earth spirit, boxed into a house in a town desperately trying to pass on a connection with the earth to my offspring. I work part-time as a social worker and moonlight as a face painter/hair braider for maximum job satisfaction!

Enjoy xx

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Chick With Sticks

Photo credit: Sexy Knitters Club
Ella's My First Knitting kit that I got for her birthday has spawned an unusual urge in me.

I thought knitting was the preserve of lavender-scented grannies until I started to help Els work out what to do with her new knitting kit.

Yes, I confess that I now want to learn how to knit. In fact, I've started already and now have my own sticks (needles) and the marvellous Stitch n Bitch book.

I wasn't prepared for the zen-like feeling of peace through the meditative click-click of the sticks, and a sense of being connected to my ancestors and my ancestors' ancestors through this ancient craft.

I've only spent a few hours but know how to
cast on and do a basic knit stitch, plus the theory of how to cast off (but I haven't quite got the hang of that one yet).

Els and I will be making a bee-line to the knitting tent at
Camp Bestival which will hopefully boost our fledgling skills.

I'd like to start a scarf in a few weeks.

Poor ole J, a lifetime of homemade jumpers, scarves, hats and socks begins.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Six and Thirty-Six Celebrations

Photo Credit:Birthday Balloons
That's how old my baby is now. Six!! Such a Big Girl.

In true like-mother-like-daughter form, El's birthday morphed from a one day event to a three day event.

Actually, she has some catching up to do as my upcoming thirty-sixth (yes, yes I know I don't look it) birthday is going to be celebrated in the following ways:
  • A three day camping trip with some of my mates and our kiddies

  • Taking myself to Rigby and Pellier for a hands-on bra fitting (they don't use a tape measure I've heard) and subsequent lingerie splurge on my actual birthday followed by a trip with J that evening to see Bill Bailey

  • A Friday night out in Reading with my good-time girls (and boys) shaking what my mama gave me

  • A Sunday garden party chez moi - avec les enfants, natch
Milking it? Moi?!

Anyway, Ella's sixth birthday...

El's dad took her and a friend to Legoland on Saturday. Then on Sunday (her birthday) she went to her Nonna's then to a small family party at my house, and on Monday I took her to the
Kenton Theatre to the theatre to see The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse with another friend, Molly, her cousin Sulis and my sis Jules.

We went for a collection of smaller pressies this year, and they went down a storm. Notably, the
Teach Me talking alarm clock which I discovered on Find Me a Gift, and fully expect not only to help Ella learn the time (in analogue and digital) but also to buy me precious bed time on weekend mornings - when its face turns green that means you can wake mummy, until then you're playing in your room kiddo (here's hoping...)

Other pressies that hit the spot included the kids' Learn to Knit kit from Hobbycraft and her favourite...wait for it...a Hello Kitty A4 ringbinder that's a bit like this.

Yes, the ringbinder file was her top pressie. Picked up as an afterthought for £2 from WH Smiths. Bless her cotton socks.

My personal favourite is the knitting kit, but more about that later...

Monday, 13 July 2009

Another Big Bump...

Photo credit:Bump Head
Poor J, he took today off as his knee hurts (not sure how, he thinks a combination of driving over the w/e and being 41!).

Being a plumber, er, sorry...Heating Engineer he spends a lot of time on his knees. Just thought I'd qualify that in case you were thinking a sore knee is a flimsy excuse for a day off work.

He's very industrious is my J.

Anyway, this morning I was getting ready for my day as 'corporate chick' working on-site at a big software client's HQ in London. Before I left, I made my beloved a cup of tea as a parting Florence Nightingale gesture.

I brought it in to him in bed. As he sat up, he trapped the curtain behind his back (our window is directly behind our bed). He gave the curtain a little tug to free it, and the whole curtain pole plus big-thick-wood-thing-with-nails that the pole was attached to came crashing down on his head!


Though as soon as I knew he was OK (blood, big bump but nothing major) I must confess I did chuckle. What a way to wake up.

Rented houses hey...

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A Really Big Bump

Photo Credit:Mr Bump on the move
My Regatta plans were foiled this Satruday. No sipping Pimms with my friends and gazing at the fabulous rowers for me this year. Thank God Susanna at a Modern Mother did that for me

What I did instead was have a Very Big Bump at the tricky staggered junction outside Thames & Kennet Marina where Ella's dad lives.

It's hard to explain what happened without drawing diagrams, but basically I had to cross three lanes of traffic, two of which are split by a 'Keep Clear' box which is used for people entering and leaving the Marina.

I got across 2 lanes and paused in the box in line (at right angles) with the row of stationary traffic (a filter lane with a red light). The last lane I had to cross had been clear on my approach but I knew it might change and their lights may be I started to creep forward slowly to get a better view (it was blocked by the stationary cars) and - BANG!!

I got hit on the passenger side right on the wheel arch (it must have been at 20 mph+ as the other driver's airbag deployed). We span a little, I screamed, glass tinkled, Ella cried.

Result: El had a small bump on her head, I got minor whiplash (which I only noticed that evening as I was in shock all day) and my car looks like it's a complete write-off.

Paramedics, police, J (my hubby), Paul (El's dad), El and I cosied up in kiddie A&E for hours...

Thank God we were OK though. It really shook us up.

Sunday was much better. Some friends took us to see Romeo and Juliet at The Globe, we had a late lunch then enjoyed the street performers at Covent Garden.

El stopped by with Paul yesterday morning to grab a school dress and her bump has completely gone. She's in good spirits, and I have her again tomorrow. Really looking forward to lots of cuddles...