Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Chick With Sticks

Photo credit: Sexy Knitters Club
Ella's My First Knitting kit that I got for her birthday has spawned an unusual urge in me.

I thought knitting was the preserve of lavender-scented grannies until I started to help Els work out what to do with her new knitting kit.

Yes, I confess that I now want to learn how to knit. In fact, I've started already and now have my own sticks (needles) and the marvellous Stitch n Bitch book.

I wasn't prepared for the zen-like feeling of peace through the meditative click-click of the sticks, and a sense of being connected to my ancestors and my ancestors' ancestors through this ancient craft.

I've only spent a few hours but know how to
cast on and do a basic knit stitch, plus the theory of how to cast off (but I haven't quite got the hang of that one yet).

Els and I will be making a bee-line to the knitting tent at
Camp Bestival which will hopefully boost our fledgling skills.

I'd like to start a scarf in a few weeks.

Poor ole J, a lifetime of homemade jumpers, scarves, hats and socks begins.


Muddling Along Mummy said...

I've rediscovered knitting to keep my sanity whilst stuck on my sofa ... its incredibly relaxing and strangely fulfilling. AND you then get to look all smug when someone asks where you bought the stunning thing in question !

The wife of bold said...

aww you 've inspired me now - i'd love to knit like my nanna used to it's just finding the time, but it's on my to do list. Good luck with the scarf x

Anonymous said...

Oooh I am jealous. I want to learn now to knit too. Think I need to visit my nan... and get my hands on that book you recommend!

Abi said...

Stitch n bitch is fab book for beginners, happy hookers is great for crochet too... I was learning really well with the knitting but someone stole my book :| and now I've forgotten it all :D

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous. In my imagination I am a fabulous knitter. Sadly in reality I knit less proficiently than a blind porcupine. I look forward to seeing photos of your woollen creations before too long :)

jen said...

Very therapeutic is knitting, i've only got as far as hats and scarves (albeit quirky ones)as I don't have the patience for patterns. More creative knitting I suppose.

Urban Pixi said...

I'll put my order in for a hat this winter then!!