Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A Really Big Bump

Photo Credit:Mr Bump on the move
My Regatta plans were foiled this Satruday. No sipping Pimms with my friends and gazing at the fabulous rowers for me this year. Thank God Susanna at a Modern Mother did that for me

What I did instead was have a Very Big Bump at the tricky staggered junction outside Thames & Kennet Marina where Ella's dad lives.

It's hard to explain what happened without drawing diagrams, but basically I had to cross three lanes of traffic, two of which are split by a 'Keep Clear' box which is used for people entering and leaving the Marina.

I got across 2 lanes and paused in the box in line (at right angles) with the row of stationary traffic (a filter lane with a red light). The last lane I had to cross had been clear on my approach but I knew it might change and their lights may be I started to creep forward slowly to get a better view (it was blocked by the stationary cars) and - BANG!!

I got hit on the passenger side right on the wheel arch (it must have been at 20 mph+ as the other driver's airbag deployed). We span a little, I screamed, glass tinkled, Ella cried.

Result: El had a small bump on her head, I got minor whiplash (which I only noticed that evening as I was in shock all day) and my car looks like it's a complete write-off.

Paramedics, police, J (my hubby), Paul (El's dad), El and I cosied up in kiddie A&E for hours...

Thank God we were OK though. It really shook us up.

Sunday was much better. Some friends took us to see Romeo and Juliet at The Globe, we had a late lunch then enjoyed the street performers at Covent Garden.

El stopped by with Paul yesterday morning to grab a school dress and her bump has completely gone. She's in good spirits, and I have her again tomorrow. Really looking forward to lots of cuddles...


Nicola said...

How scary! Glad you're all ok. I had a car bump me from behind a year ago, with just my 3 year old in the car with me. What a racket. The noise and impact was incredible...and that was with no real damage to either car (tho we both drive tanks so I think we really did just bump off each other). Still, makes me count my lucky stars that it wasn't more serious. Glad you all survived relatively unscathed too.

Abi said...

Oh my goodness, you poor things, it sounds terrifying. Car accidents are made a hundred times more gut wrenching when you have a small person with you *shudder*. I'm glad you're ok and that you made up for it with a little Shakespeare! (Woo!) :)

Sorry about the whiplash, ouch.

jen said...

Hi there,
Just popping in to say thank goodness you were both ok, you must have got an awful fright...

A Modern Mother said...

OMG. So glad it was only a small bump. How scary for you all. I haven't had any fender benders with the girls yet (fingers crossed).