Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nordic Naturals

Perhaps I should be embarrassed that it took a freebie to tempt me back into writing my blog. I've been so busy of late, and so wrapped up in all manner of dramas large and small that I haven't felt the urge to post for months and months.

But here I am. And I intend to stay.

A PR lady recently contacted me to see if I'd like to try the Nordic Naturals omega supplements on my kids. Seeing as I'm big on diet and supplements I said 'yes please' and am glad I did.

I had fairly low expectations. After all, even the best omegas suitable for toddlers taste like fishy fruit pastilles. We've tried a few and I currently buy the Lil Critters which my two year old loves but my nine year old refuses to eat.

Well, they're amazing. Not fishy at all. Tangeriney and  moreish. My big girl was so impressed she asked for more 'it's just like having a really nice sweetie at breakfast!' she gushed. We're converts. At nearly £20 for 60 chews though cheap they ain't. The Lil Critters are about £8. Less than half the price.

I had a quick look on the back and the nutritional values of the two products seemed to be similar. So for now, I'll be keeping the Nordics for my eldest as she actually eats them and keep buying the Lil Critters cos they're much better value.

I would definitely buy the Nordics again but not regularly as the cost is prohibitive. I'll just have to cook big girl more fish instead!