Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Snowman and Wasabi

I got really cheap tickets to see The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre in London on Saturday, and we all loved every minute of it. 

Based on the Raymond Briggs book, the Snowman is a charming, magical experience which combines gorgeous costumes, a full orchestra and ballet-style choreography.

Best of all is the stagecraft - a triumph of magic made possible by mechanics. This includes an electric motorbike, a puffing toy steam train and eye-popping scenes where the Snowman and the little boy really do rise up into the air and fly across the stage. Beautiful. 

My eyes were watering on several occassions. I was transported. El was entertained throughout, and loved the fact that it was OK for her to ask us questions and make comments to us throughout the performance. After all, the theatre was full of kids doing the same. Because there was no dialogue, it was easy for her to get caught up in the story, and I think it would appeal to kids much younger than Ella for this very reason.

Before the show, we went to a Japanese restaurant for veggie sushi, tempura and noodles. Ella impressed me no end by trying a little wasabi with her Sushi. She loved it. "I really like it Mummy, but for a little bit it feels like a strong fizzing and then like you have a needle stuck up your nose". Spot on.


Susanna said...

Wow, Ella tried Wasabi? What a great explanation. A needle up your nose! Ouch.

PS-- can I put this on Thames Valley Mums?

david santos said...

Brilliant posting! Congratulations!!!

Happy New Year...