Tuesday, 6 January 2009

I'm back

I well and truly logged off over the Christmas period. I rarely even checked my emails. I had lots of downtime and it was lovely, if a little fraught at times (well, Christmas always is, isn't it?).

Els had a lovely time with her dad and his girlfriend. We spoke on Christmas day, and were reunited three days later.

Having been with Daddy for five days, it took her a while to settle back in with me. Her plaintive lament, "I really miss Daddy and Karen. I want to be with Daddy and Karen!" was on a loop for a good few days. A little hard for me, but deep down I knew she would start to enjoy being with me and J soon. 

I've now got her for a whole week which is fantastic. Her dad & Karen are in the Lake District on holiday (brrr! It's cold enough here!). It's a good feeling when El and I have unbroken time together. Nice and relaxed. Her dad and I usually have Ella for two days each, taking it in turns in the week and then doing alternate weekends. 

It's good to have a full-time mum experience again.  I become more in tune with her and stop trying so hard to please her. We get in the groove together - flow into a steady rhythm that is natural and comforting. My life feels more solid than usual.  

New Year's Eve was fun. We visited my sister in the New Forest and took the kids to a house party. It was quite a laidback affair as most people there had brought their kids/babies/bumps. 

It was the first time I have seen in the New Year with Els, and it was really exciting doing the countdown together, letting off party poppers and then watching fireworks in the garden.

Ella and Sulis (my niece) were surprisingly good-natured the next day, despite such a late night. I managed to buy a little hangover nursing time for the grownups by putting Wall-E on after the kids' breakfast.

When do children start waking late in the morning after a late night? Obviously by the time they're teens, but I wonder if I will get to enjoy the odd 'party night' with Ella followed by a mutual lie-in before then. Let me know what you think...


Abi said...

Your New Year sounds fun... I went to a party while the kidlets stayed at Granny and Grandad's... which sounds perfect except we had to go sleep on Granny and Grandad's floor and get bounced on at 6 am - bleeerk.

I'd love to know when they do sleeping in too!

When we're at home we can usually manage to scrounge a lie in by letting all three of them reign havoc and distruction, I mean play, in one bedroom together - it's usually good until about 8:30 or 9.... sometimes even 10 if they've gone quiet and are 'reading together' because one of them has pulled the curtains down and they're guilty....

Single Parent Dad said...

Welcome back, and it reads like you've had a good time, and are in for some more now.

And Wall-E is tremendous for hangovers, better than berroca.