Monday, 12 January 2009

Touching Base (It's Been Taxing)

Just touching base to let you know that I have battled my resistance to all things numerical. Yes, I am finally doing my first set of accounts.


More a words than a numbers kinda gal, I haven't really kept any accounts to speak of since I started freelancing last September. Which makes it rather tricky to do my tax return. No, not tricky...


So, I have just chucked all my receipts away (only those for the small stuff) which has saved me hours, if not days, of being a spreadsheet slave.

I figured it isn't really worth the £100 off my tax bill. I'd rather keep my forehead wrinkle-free thanks. How many stamps do I actually buy, for godsake?

My head is whirling with a year's worth of rent-and-utlitiles-divided-by-number-of-rooms-in-my-house-then-estimate-percentage-of-use-for-business-seeing-as-its-my-lounge-as-well-as-my-office-plus-50%-of-mobile-bills-the-same-with-landline-but-remember-to-omit-the-line-rental...I could go on.

So, because I am otherwise engaged you may never get to know how fabulous my weekend was.

You may not find out about our trip to the Science Museum where Els played with my Spanish friend's kids and their French-speaking cousin. Where I discovered the tag-game 'It' is a pan-European phenomenon.

You may even miss out on what I discovered when I took part in my friend's pre-pilot run-through of her Birth Trauma Recovery Workshop. The trial workshop where I learnt NLP tools that can magic away any unhappy memory or unwanted feeling...including cravings for food/booze/ciggies.

I wouldn't be so mean. I will definitely post about that soon. Promise. I just need to placate HMRC first. I hope you don't mind.


Home Office Mum said...

i might need NLP techniques to help me overcome the trauma of dealing with the HMRC. Good luck with the return.

Single Parent Dad said...

The Science Museum is brilliant, tax returns are not.

I too have to break my tex return virginity by the end of this month.

I'll start tomorrow.

Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...

Taxes, hhmmmm, is there a deadline coming up?

Looking forward to the It post.