Friday, 30 January 2009

Wobbly Woman

Photo Credit: Ray Tomes
Here's a top tip for all you wannabe ice skaters:

Don't go out dancing with your friends, drink vodka and fall into bed around 2am the night before a 10:30am ice skating lesson.

It makes you rather wobbly on the ice.

At least I can walk today though. My signature dance move when jumping about to some fabulously funky, exciting, sexy Drum 'n' Bass - as I was last night at Mango's - involves a kind of open-legged squat as I rhythmically wiggle my bum to the floor and back up again. It looks better than it sounds. Very Soca style. Also, very good fun to do.

It's not such fun the day after when you're walking like a geriatric because you've pulled every muscle below your waist. A price I paid the last time I went out with Kath to a Drum 'n' Bass night.

I was fairly sensible last night though. I warmed up with some far less ambitious moves at the Iguana Bar. I forced myself to sit down a few times, which I rarely do when I love the music and don't have to drive, or need to be Children's TV presenter-chirpy (i.e. on Mummy Duty) the following morning.

The best precaution I took was capping my Vodka & Coke consumption at five or six (I wasn't actually counting). I've realised that there is a causal relationship between the frequency of my Bum-to-the-Floor moves and the amount of alcohol consumed.

Elementary, my dear Watson.

I only did a few ambitious moves last night, and mostly my bottom stayed where it should. I'm walking quite normally today and only have a few minor twinges from for my three hour aerobic session.

I was so excited to pick Ella up from school this afternoon. I haven't seen her since Tuesday morning.

Our new sofa arrived today, and we spent a good part of the evening sprawling on it and chatting. I'm looking forward to a nice, mooch-about kind of weekend with her. John has a lot of DIY to get through so it will just be us girls hanging out together. Can't wait...


Anonymous said...

Hope you girls are having a lovely weekend :)

Nicola said...

hey - you've stolen my drunk dance move!! I haven't had the chance to practice it lately but I am out next Sat night and know for a fact that it will be part of my dance floor reportoire that I will sorely regret next Sunday!

Part Mummy Part Me said...

And there I was thinking I had invented that move, Nicola!

Thanks, MTAM, we've had a lovely time - I'll blog about it soon :-)

A Modern Mother said...

I don't think I'll try it, thanks. I have a headache after one glass of sherry.