Monday, 1 June 2009


J and I spent the weekend with Sarah and Mike, lounging in the sunshine and flying kites. I was totally made over when Sarah told me they are going to try for a baby soon.

It seems to be Maternity Year.

Two of J's friends' wives are about to have their first babies, a good friend of his has recently announced her first pregnancy and two of my friends are about to pop. Sarah is the second girlfriend to tell me they're 'going for gold' in the next few months.

I wonder if it's catching?

I have some exciting news of my own.

I'm taking Ella on a suprise trip to Eurodisney, Paris. I am sooo excited. We're catching the Eurotunnel tomorrow morning. I'm planning to keep the secret at least until we get to St Pancras.

Au revoir!


Maternal Tales said...

Oooh have fun. I want to hear all about it. Renée is desperate to go!

Kabbalah Rookie said...

Have a fantastic time!

One of my friends took his family to Euro Disney and told the kids that they were going to see a friend of his - Mr Michael Mouse. The kids didn't click until they actually walked in to the theme park... magical!!

@anxiousmum said...

Oh brilliant, I am sure you will both have lots of fun! We went a couple of years ago and will try to go again later this year! I love Disney! Have a great time!

Littlemummy said...

I love secrets! Can't wait to hear more...