Thursday, 28 January 2010

Can't Sleep

Can't sleep. Again.

Insomnia is partly due to pregnancy, partly doing tax return this evening, and partly J stressing me out just before bedtime about me stressing about tax return.

I've cleared my work inbox and fired off all the 'must get round to doing those' email actions that have been hanging around for a week. Imagine the faces of clients and colleagues alike when they check their emails tomorrow morning, urrr, later this morning, and see missives from yours truly sent at 1.40am!

Am in grave danger of getting an undeserved reputation as a workaholic.

God bless Ebay. I've just rounded off my productive insomnia session with a spot of soporific* shopping.

I have bought:

1. A lavender and hops sleep pillow bag

2. A maternity body support cushion

3. A maternity parka coat. OK, so it won't help me sleep but I'm fed up of the rain and wind attacking my midline now that my normal coats won't do up over my bump.

Right, am finally tired. Nightie night xx

*Don't you just love this word? Hardly get a chance to use it, but love to slip it in when I can.


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Glad it isn't just me who is doing their tax return on 28th Jan! I feel better just shouting at the computer at regular intervals. There may be a bit of swearing involved. Husband steers clear and most definitely does not say (although thinks it with every fibre of his body) that I should have done it earlier.

Not such a yummy mummy said...

I was only thinking the other day that I need to work 'soporific' into a conversation! I was thinking of blogging about the soporific effect of kids' TV at bedtime on adults. Ironic as it only makes my son more giddy. I don't have a full blog post though, I just want to say soporific! Anyway, I have done so 3 times so I feel better.

Excellent usage here! I do hope you've managed to get some sleep and the insomnia backs off soon.

Anna Colette said...

BiB - there's a lot of us about. I think I need the stress of leaving it till the last minute - the adrenalin makes it bearable.

NSAYM - I've been thinking the same thing about anthropomorphic too. Harder to slip that one in though. Might have to blog about people's relationship to their pets...

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Hope that the sleep cushions help - I had terrible pregnancy insomnia, on the plus side I discovered lots of great blogs to read in the wee small hours !