Friday, 1 January 2010


I have pretty much everything I want. Lucky girl. So, the only thing I asked Santa for this year was a White Christmas. I figured thin thighs and a flat tum would be beyond his magical powers. Especially in my condition.

I didn't expect to get what I wished for.

It snowed a few days before Christmas. Proper thick snow that fell 6 inches deep and stayed put. For days.

Els got really excited then realised that snow is horribly cold and hard to play with when a) you only have woollen mittens not waterproof ones and b) there's only your mum to play with.

After a few days of being cooped up at home, our travel plans disrupted due to heavy snow and not enough grit and salt on the roads, we finally ventured out en famille on Winter Solstice. It was a consolation for not being able to get to Sarada's solstice party.
We had fun throwing snowballs in the dark, and then decided to head for our local pub.

I treated myself to a Snowball of the Advocaat variety, and we listened to the locals tell tales of abandoned Beemers and Mercs strewn across Henley. We later found out that John Lewis customers in High Wycombe ended up sleeping overnight in the bed department!

The white stuff was everywhere, and has only just melted. It may not have been a White Christmas as defined by the Met Office, but I definitely got the Christmas pressie I asked for.


Sparx said...

Quite envious! I wanted a white Christmas but we didn't get one... love the story about people sleeping in the bedding department at John Lewis though!

Pippa said...

It looks like a lot of fun! BTW I tagged you over at mine!

A Modern Mother said...

We got stuck for three hours in the snow -- but imagine those people in John Lewis! Despita all that, it was magical, wasn't it? Can I put this up on Thames Valley Mums?

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Wow ! Look at your snow ! And I thought ours was good

Anonymous said...

ooh Anna, I'd missed your exciting news - congratulations! How are you feeling? What a relief you weren't one of those trapped in your car. Happy New Year honey xx

Anna Colette said...

A Modern Mother - of course you can, and thank you! Sorry to hear you got stuck. It must have been hard to entertain the girls for three hours in the car.

More than Just a Mother - what a sweet comment :-) Happy New Year to you too!

Sparx & Muddling Along - apparently there's more to come, I'm crossing my fingers for you...

Pippa - ooh, how exciting. I shall pop over to yours straightaway and find out more.

Elisa said...

whoa, now that's snow. I guess I can't complain about the snow here now, dang.