Monday, 10 January 2011

What Blogging has Made Me Realise (I Love Me Monday)

The lovely Notes to Self Plus Two has started an initiative to help us mummy bloggers reconnect with the 'me' in 'mummee'(geddit?): the 'I Love Me Mondays' blog linkup.

As she so rightly observes, us mums usually start blogging because we want to hold onto our sense of self in the often wonderful, sometimes terrible, nearly always all-encompassing role of Parent.

The 'I Love Me Mondays' writing theme for today is 'What have I realised about me through blogging?'. I have realised:

1. That being a (good) mum is the most important thing in the world to me. Seems obvious but when I started my blog I was more focused on the 'Part Me' bit than the 'Part Mummy'. Through writing about family life (amongst other things) I have realised that it is the source of my most magical, magnificent moments and is the strongest influence on my self-development. Being a Mummy has, is, making me a better Me.

2. I have had a really interesting and varied life so far. Writing this post made me realise that. I intend to keep living life in glorious technicolour (with a few ad breaks so I can put my feet up and have a cuppa and a biscuit, natch).

3. I seek validation and praise. Yup, I'm all too human. Before blogging I genuinely thought I didn't care about what people I'd never met thought about me and that I didn't need friends+/family to tell me how fabulous I am because we just know we're in each others' fan clubs.

Blogging introduced me to the joys of reading uplifting comments - from friends and strangers - and the abject despair of spilling your guts or writing something witty and true only to find no one has read it. Or rather, no proof that anyone has 'heard' you in that crowded space they call the blogosphere. No comments on a post = extremely disheartening (hint, hint).



Anonymous said...

Hint taken - and I feel exactly the same! Great to find your blog.

BNM said...

Popping over from Notes Mc Linky - see a comment.


Joella said...

I popped over to your blog from the comment you left on my guest post on Nature Moms and I love it! I'm your newest follower!

I know what you mean about the validation that a comment can bring. Just knowing that you've been 'heard' can be such a gratifying feeling!

Notes To Self Plus Two said...

hey, thanks for playing, week 1er :-). great post, good answer. i love that you list seeking valiidation and praise, its a rare person that can admit that.
here is to you, living life in techicolour xxxx hope to see you next week.

Notes To Self Plus Two said...

ps. i dont think your twitter button works?

JulieB said...

Hi! thank you so much for the comment over on my blog - so nice to meet you. Great list!

Anna Colette said...

Thanks for your lovely comments.

Joella - i love your blog too and will be following avidly.