Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Three in a Bed and the Little One Said...

Ella came into our room at 3am this morning, “Mummy, I’ve had a nightmare can I sleep with you?” Half an hour later, hot because I was sandwiched between Ella and J, I decided to slope off to Ella’s bed.

Unfortunately, my sneaking around woke up J who also decided he would be better able to sleep by himself. J got out of bed and went to the sitting room where he attempted to squeeze his six foot two frame onto our two seater sofa (bless).

At 4am, sensing something was amiss, Ella awoke to find herself stranded in our bed and came to find me. “I’m scared and all alone, mummy”. No problem. I went to join her back in my own bed.

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At 4.30am, I went to the loo and realised that J was watching TV, unable to sleep on our tiny sofa. “Honey, I’ll put El in her bed, you go back to our bed and get comfortable.”

I picked El up, very very gently, and snuck her into her own bed. As soon as I’d tucked the duvet over her she opened her eyes, “Mummy, I’m still too scared to sleep by myself. Please can you stay with me?” No problem. I went to join her in her bed. It was quite a squash.

After an hour or so of ineffectual travelling to the Land of Nod, I slipped out of Ella’s bed and went to join J back in our bed.

Tired? Moi? 

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Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...

Ahh, don't you just love sleep deprivation.