Thursday, 6 August 2009

It's a Girl!!!

I took Stripe to the vet's today to have his claws clipped. He's so wriggly, it was quite a task.

The vet looked at his records, checked out his undercarriage and then said to me "You do realise Stripe's a girl, don't you?".

Ah. That will explain the lack of testicles - we just put that down to Stripe being young. It also explains why she hasn't chilled out yet.

Male rats are more laidback, actually lazier, than their female counterparts. We purposefully asked the pet shop for a male rat, knowing he would turn out to be more of a lap rat than a girlie rats who tend to be more active.

El's with her dad until we go camping tomorrow. I called her this afternoon as soon as she finished holiday club. She was as incredulous as me at the news.

Somehow, and this is wrong of me I know, I love Stripe all the more now that he is a she.


PippaD said...

When I was five I remember asking a teacher how you could tell if a horse was a boy or a girl and she replied that you looked underneath. I'm not sure at what age I figured out there wasn't a label on the underside of animals stating what sex it was... It would be useful though!

Metropolitan Mum said...

You have a rat at home? Wow. That's brave. Not in a million years would I allow a rat under my roof. They scare my to bits...
Canaries are nice animals. And fish. :-)

Kabbalah Rookie said...

I used to look after the school rats through the holidays. One male, one female. They were at it all night.

The female was definitely more lively than the male - but much sweeter too. Less of a lap rat, more of a round-the-back-of-the-neck, down-your-top, through-your-sleeves kind of girl. And I loved her to bits - Yay for Stripe!

Urban Pixi said...

Hillarious! A good lesson in basic Biology for Ella

nixdminx said...

Hello there - I had to read that again when I realised you have a rat! I used to have a hippy friend in Hampton Court who lived on a boat with her pet rats - they're actually ok, I prefer field mice though, they're really cute ;-)) Lovely to see you last week and thanks for taking Miniminx swimming - my pedi stood the test of camping and going to the beach. Lots of love xx