Monday, 17 August 2009

Thank you for Waiting

Back Soon
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Camping in the Witterings; having my perceptions changed at Butlins; increasing two cup sizes on my birthday; reviving my natural healing abilities; falling back in love with my husband; being a reflexology case study.

Normal blogging service will resume shortly. We thank you for your patience.


Anton said...

Two cup sizes, Ay Caramba!
That's almost the same size as my tummy ;p

Maternal Tales said...

I thought your boobs were looking rather big when I saw you!! 2 cup sizes you say? I need your secret!

The wife of bold said...

My you have been a busy bee - i'm intrigued as to how you have fallen back in love with your husband - i'm a hopless romantic so spill the beans :)

Home Office Mum said...

Wow - sounds as though there's plenty of blog material there, in particular the cup size expansion.