Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Time for a Lie-in

A lovely thing happened today. Something beautiful and rare.

Ella woke up at seven this morning as usual, and stayed in her room for half an hour until it was the official 'wakey up time'. What's my secret?


Last night we finally got her new alarm clock out and played the Teach Me Time Game. Ella got to level 3 and was chuffed to bits.

I then programmed it to go off at 7.30am, and explained that now she is a Grown Up with her own Alarm Clock it would be lovely if she played in her room and only woke Mummy when the clock went off.

It was a long shot, I really didn't think she'd do it.

But she did.

The Teach Me alarm clock has now risen to Top Birthday Present ever in my book.

When I ordered it I was a bit unsure as it's quite pricey for a teaching toy which at the time (scuse the pun) I wasn't sure if she'd use much or not. But it's clearly worth its weight in gold.

We're off camping soon and I can't wait. Going to Wittering with friends as Part 1 of my birthday celebrations - see here for the rest. Not sure I'll get away with keeping Els shushed up in her partition for another lie-in as, in my experience, kids+camping=much excitement and early waking.

Still, there's enough kids going that I can just chuck her out to play with them in the mornings and stick my ear plugs in for maximum snooze time. Bliss.

A couple of friends have gone to the campsite already. The first report is very promising. Sarada's text last night said:

'It's fab! Rain stopped and blue skies emerged as we were arriving - amazing nearly full moon lighting up the sky! Still settling down the kids (at 11pm). They're so excited. If we're quiet we can hear the sea - I love that sound. So we're all looking forward to a wonderful weekend.'

So am I!


Dan said...

We've been toying with getting something like that for a while. I'm sure it would work for my 5 year old, but not certain about our 2 year old.

Maybe next year.

Part Mummy Part Me said...

Well, it also glows a different colour when it's OK to wake up so you could try the 'don't wake Daddy until the light turns green' approach.

Thinking back to when El was two though..hmm. Maybe next year indeed!

Metropolitan Mum said...

The text of your friend makes me want to jump into the car and drive to the next beach with campside.

My 4 months old only wakes once at around 6 AM for a feed to go back to sleep until 7:30. I hope and pray that she takes after her father and continues this pattern...