Sunday, 9 November 2008

Mothers for Justice

And today the downsides of being a part-time mum…I really miss my little girl.

I’m on the edge of falling into a slushpit of self-indulgent sorrow for the fact that I am enduring SIX WHOLE DAYS without Ella. Cue fantasies of dressing up as a superhero, climbing on top of
Henley Town Hall with a banner proclaiming ‘Mothers for Justice’.

Actually, I could just ask El’s dad if he’d mind awfully me having Els a bit more...but I’ve always tended to err on the dramatic side.

Because I miss her so much it aches, I’ll assuage my pain with sweet thoughts of the cute things El says. Here are a few current gems:

“I love you as much as the whole universe…and Wales”

“OK, I’ll keep an iron it for you “ (eye on it)

“For goodness snake, mummy!”

Four days down, only two more to go till I get to be a mama again…


paul said...

“I love you as much as the whole universe…and Wales”


I'll be sure to bring her back in one piece...

Iota said...

Interesting that she doesn't perceive Wales as part of the known universe...