Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Yo! Mr Tumble

Photo  by woolloomooloo
I took Els to the Yo! Sushi in Reading and we met Justin from Cbeebies (aka Mr Tumble). I kid you not. He was lovely and happily spent some time talking with Els.

While Justin was paying at the till, next to where Els and I were seated, his girlfriend and I got talking about the festivals they had been to this ‘summer’ (it wasn’t really a summer, was it?). I’ve never had him down as a festi-goer myself, so this was quite a revelation.

Yo! Sushi is now second only to “Old MacDonalds” in Ella’s eyes.


Iota said...

"Yo! Sushi", "Yo! Macci" - same difference...

Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...

You go to McDonald's?

I was caught red handed when a mum at school asked where I got the new star wars doll clipped on my daughter's book bag!